S’mores night

“I haven’t had anything yet… so how can I have some more of nothing?”

Britney took Hyojin and I to a “s’mores” party hosted by her friend Mondo at his apartment in Tempe. There were neighbors, ASU grads and folks who grew up in Arizona roasting mallows and drinking beer, conversing with eyes on the ASU and UCLA game. I checked out the neighbor apartment, Jay, and I was fascinated by the floors when I walked in. I though it was an effect from the blue light coming from the kitchen area, but in fact, it was the floor that had paintings and a smooth coating. Jay said it was a concrete floor and stained with an acid that discolors, but does not erode the floor. After that process, they add a ceiling coat (?) and waxed it. Before the waxing some friends who are talented artist painted the floor. Jay’s friend showed me the bathroom that have images of swimming Koi fish painted.

floor painting of a stairway at the foot of entry

a starfish in the kitchen

painted koi fish in the bathroom

I met Manuel who does computer work and planning to move to his newly owned property in Mexico. He has a woman architect friend in Hermosillo, Sonora. Manuel offered to put me in connection with her, since she has many connections through out Mexico. He also knows people in other parts of Senora and near Oaxaca. In his experience of backpacking through Mexico with another guy, he traveled troughout Mexico hopping the connections he made with his host, without ever paying for a hotel room. According to him, it sounds like the Mexicans are very helpful and accommodating.  Yay, for networking!

A very good night. I did not drink, but have a slight hangover from the sugar rich s’mores.


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