sunshine delivery

I got a package in the mail from Mr. Sunshine (Bay Area). Guess what’ is was?

Appa-the-dancing-elephant stickers!

Marshall and I were trying to get the stickers before our tour. For fun, we share and stick this dancing elephant where ever we are. If you have seen my bike, the frame is almost completely covered in dancing yellow elephant stickers. Many people asks if they are Pokemon stickers- “no- it’s not Pikachu” Appa is not a fighter, he is a dancer. He is kind of a symbol for my SF life.

In other news, I am in Tempe, back at Inertia’s by the ASU. Britney dropped me off here.

By the way.. if you did not know yet, Britney is the most awesome lady. My overall experience with her was more that I could have hoped for. She and her mom Sue let us stay for a full week in their lovely home in Scottsdale.
Britney had toured from Nogales, Mexico to Panama city.

Britney, My hostess with the most'ess

She is also a Mesa City cop, an animal activist, owns her own video game company, and she is a just a gentle, charming person. By her, I felt very assured about this tour. My worried grandmother told me in OC that I should ask a COP’s perspective about this trip.. because he would tell me that I’m in grave danger to tour through Mexico, or something. We’ll I did- a WOMAN police officer who toured all of Mexico on a bike.. and during her overall experience touring North and Central America.. Mexico had the nicest, most helpful people. Let it be known, that I don’t just take Britney’s word from it.. I have spoken with many folks who cycled down the Pan American and there are mixed reviews. At least now I have connections through Britney for Mexico and Central America. With social networking, I have a feeling that I’ll have better chances of getting references along my way. Thank YOU Britney! Thank you so much for your support!

Her Blog: Hero’s Quest

Her video:

Yay! For women world travelers!

Speaking of which… I spoke with Amelia (BIKES FOE PEACE) and she will be meeting up with me. I just have to wait a couple weeks for her to get back to California, and after she volunteers for Occupy SF and Oakland.

As for my EX partner.. I suppose she is the trailblazer. I contacted a CS host to stay with in Casa Grande and guess what I find:

Oh well! At least I got someone to scout the road ahead!


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