A ‘Good-bye’ to Tuscon

(Phone rings)
Phone operator:  Budget and Sandbornes Insurance, how may I help you?
Me: Hi I am traveling through Mexico by bike, and I wanted to know what coverage (may) I get?
Phone operator: Ok! Hold please…
Representitive: Hello this is Alma are you seeking insurance for a car or motercycle?
Me: oh,  I was wondering if you had coverage for a bicycle.
Representative: …Oh…..

Well, today is my last day in Tuscon! I spent a week here relaxing and exploring beautiful Tuscon. I thank my host, and new friend, Bruce. He is a kind man who extends his home for travelers to make themselves at home. He enjoies taking his guest anywhere in Tuscon, to any place they would like to see. He loves to host and in exchange- he experiences infinite personalities and their stories. Keep in mind, to say hi to bruce, if you are ever in Tuscon.

While I was here I met the lovely Veronica, aka Fysche, the surf lady. She is a sweet gal who is on a tour promoting her projects. One of them is to teach surf awarness. A tip that I learn from her for future surf- avoid shark attacks by wearing zebra print. Acording to her, Zebra fish are left alone from shark predators. So, if your suit and surfboard is sebra printed, the less chance you stand being an attractive snack in the water.

On Friday I visited Dan Dorsey, sustainable design expert and permaculture teacher of the Sonoran permaculture guild, in Tuscon AZ. I met with him to learn some about his sustainable dry-desert tequniques.

After visiting Dan, I stopped at JJ Bicycles to speak with the owner, Jose. I visited him the day before, and he had promised to locate stays in Northern Mexico. He was generous enough to offer a stay with his mother in Hermosillo! Now that’s hospitality. Jose is a very cool and sweet guy. I am so thankful for his help, and I look forward to meeting his friends and family.

I spent a wonderful night out with Clint (cyclist from Utah). We had dinner and checked out the night life in Tuscon. Saturday, Bruce and I went out to buy gear for my tour before I exit the country. We got lucky- bypassing the hours of traffic due to the Tour De Tuscon that lasted all day.

The best of news- Hyojin is back! Yes, Hyojin and I are reuniting to tour across the border together. I am very grateful to have her join me for this tour. We experienced some conflict, but I am certian that we will come to understand, learn and teach one another. A journey like this can bring out the biggest challenges in relationships. But, it’s worth the reward of team sucess!

Now, I’m off to Nogales!


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