border walker

Bruce dropped me off at the Lee-Eng’s residence right before the sun was to set. In the car, I had almost a sick feeling from the nerves that I have been working up. Getting closer and closer caused so much restlessness.

I reunited with Hyojin. I have to say that I am very happy that she kept her promise to me. We have a long road ahead of us, but I am very glad that I am not going along. I was not having much fun on the road talking and singing to keep myself company.

Hyojin suggested to Ed that we should go into Nogales, Sonora Mexico tonight. After sending out last minute emails for tomorrow night’s stay in Mexico, we drove to the border crossing.

Hyojin and I got out of the car and walked over the border together while Ed crossed over. We walked into Mexico so that I could apply for my VISA. My first time, ever, crossing a national border, felt like a strange new experience.

I'm going in!

I apologized to the officials for not understanding what page to show on my passport, or how to ask a question. I just kept telling them that I’m “new here” -if they even understood that..

Nogales reminds me of Mission street in San Francisco. I can’t wait to get further away from the modern commercial strips and be immersed in the ancient and authentic sites. Ed took us to get a late night meal at his favorite stand in Nogales. I felt comfortable and safe with them. No wars.. no gunshots yet.. jk

It does feel like a different world when your native tongue is no longer the first language- but I am having fun exercising my espanol! Dogs are out loose on the street. I do get the laid-back vibe- it’s fun and exciting. We’ll see what’s to come.

My first new amigo in Mexico! Extra chili peppers por favor!

My friends Hyojin and Ed 🙂

But seriously, I am not that worried.. I survived Detroit, I think I can handle Mexico 🙂

Back in Nogales, Arizona US for the night… in a few hours… Mexico!!!!!

Hasta Luego!


2 thoughts on “border walker

  1. So glad you have a travel partner. Be careful when on the road don’t take it for granted they will move over for you. “You’r not in Kansas anymore”
    Jin looks like a sweet lady. Stay safe

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