Magdalena de Kino

Note: This was typed the 23rd of November

After a long day, Monica (Jin’s road name) let me sleep in in our hotel in Magdalena. Around 9:30 we had a surprise visit knock our door. It was Carlos (the couchsurf host who no longer lived in Magdalena de Kino)  brother- German. He invited us to have breakfast with his family!

At their home, down the road from the hotel, the mother (the owner of the hotel), prepared breakfast of eggs and tamales and fresh papaya. Monica and I were so grateful for their hospitality. German would translate the conversation for his mother and grandmother, but we were determine to practice our Spanish. It is so fun to learn a language! The mother invited us back for lunch. After breakfast I rode my bike around Magdelana de Kino. It is a charming, small, and surprisingly a bustling town. There is traffic on the main roads (only 3 main roads) all day. The main strip is filled with small restaurants that have patios and bars serving asada (bbq). People seem to be relaxed here, for a Tuesday. I don’t sense lifestyles that live by a strict schedule- people smile and live at a slower pace. The buildings are colorful and very cute-compacted quarters and loft spaces. The park in front of the main church is so lovely with gardens and a small market, and it is a few steps away from our hotel.

The government office

la familia Robles! ❤

Abuela y pelos!

Lunch was prepared  by the maid, and German’s father, Carlos Sr, joined us. The Robles are very sweet people. They own the Hotel De Cuervo in Magdalena. The hotel has been around since the establishment of the mission of Francisco Kino. Carlos also has a ranch that is a conservation reserve. The ranch is recognized for big cats like jaguars and ocelots that made their way up north to live in the Sonoran desert. Carlos senior offered to find us stays after our second day ride at a friends ranch just south of Benjamin Hill, and more stays further down the road. Meeting the Robles has been a blessing. The family is so kind and fake us feel like family! After lunch, German took me around the town to run some errands and show me parts of Magdalena. We visited the park, where Francisco Kino’s crypt is visible from the windows of the enclosure.

Mural of Francisco Kino

the crypt of Father Kino

The statue of St. Francis Xavier. According to German, those who can raise the statue shows the are good and free of sins! 🙂

I want to thank Carlos Jr. for contacting his familia who all are giving us a wonderful, and safe place to stay, German for being my tour guide and a good friend, and the whole Robles familia!!!


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