lazy bloggers update – pt 1

I’ve been a lazy blogger. During the last week, I have been in Hermosillo. Here is a look back on the week.

First, I’ll start with the ride to Santa Ana.

From Magdalena de Kino ,I left the Robles residence in the morning after saying goodbye to the family. I stopped at the electronics store to pick up my new cell phone from Juan Paublo, the grinny, nice sales clerk. Nice guy- he even offered me to stay with a friend in a town after Hermosillo. I already had arrangements to stay with Carlos’s friend, so I kindly did not take the offer.

On the way out from Magdalena de Kino, I struggled to continue on the road, alone. I looked ahead towards the south- and the voices in my head asked “what are you afraid of?” “Don’t quit!” and the voices of those who motivate and believe I will be OK. Looking back at Magdalena the cries of my loved ones who worry of me were begging me not to go, and a sympathetic voice said that “I could just take the bus”. I stood for nearly 30 agonizing minutes along the highway fighting with myself to make a decision. I was inspired by a butterfly fluttering by. On my last tour in America- butterflies would flutter in circles around me as I rode- those memories remind me of peaceful rides- they are like good omens. When I saw the butterfly gracefully escape an oncoming semi and flutter south, I proceeded to go.

I rode through the country with more ease as I was no longer in town. There was a nice wide shoulder that I rode all the way until I arrived to Santa Ana.

Approaching Santa Ana

In Santa Ana, I stopped at a gas station to ask for directions and estimated distance to my stop. The lady behind the counter was so kind to let me take a water- I offered money, but she insisted I take water and whatever else I would like to eat.

Roxana was her name. I asked her about stays in Santa Ana. I was exhaused and thinking of calling it a day because I had a late start in the day. I was not sure if I could finish 40 kms for the rest of the day. She suggested a church- but bu the looks of the run-down town, I wasn’t confident about that. She slipped a warning about hanging around the town. I asked if it was about “narcos”- she said “well, they definetly would know that you are here- there are cameras all over” WHAT? “yea, they run this area, they would know you are here- but I don’t think you have to worry- you will be fine” Her uncle came in and after they communicated in spanish, she said “yea- he even know them. They are not around- but you should know- that they would know you are here. He says you will be fine, tho.”


Instantly, my weariness and fear crashed into a panic- I wanted to leave immediately. I tried to find the Tufesa bus according to Roxana’s directions. I couldn’t locate it. I was freaked. Back at the station, Roxana called her father. He sent his son visiting from AZ to the station to help an out-of-town girl out. Jose, his sister Roxana, and their kid brother loaded my gear in their car and transported me down the street to the station. They gave me a number to call incase I needed them, offered me something to eat, and assisted me in purchasing a ticket. As I sat waiting for a bus, I saw a butterfly flutter by. It swooped up, just missing a semi, and it few away.

Jose, Roxana, and the kid, helping a 'silly biker' out

I arrived in Hermosillo an hour later. Daniel from arrived on time to pick me up. I told him my thriller story of the day- but he called bs on the idea that I had anything to worry about. His opinion is that those corrupt towns are way off the map in the desert. The fear that I was in a scary nation came back to focus as we drove in a “normal” civilized city. Nonetheless, I was exhausted, yet relieved in the car knowing I had a place to sleep and a trustworthy friend.


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