San Carlos getaway

So on the 2nd day of my stay, I met up with Memo- a friend of Alex (who lives in Hermosillo). He promised to take me to see the sunset over the Ocean in San Carlos- a site that almost everyone (#1 sunset according to National Geographic?) says it’s a worthy experience.

I forgot the name given to this- but the mountians create this silhouette of a womans profile with her tounge about to stick out!

The sunset

another view of San Carlos

Excellent seafood dinner!

And it was! We took the scenic route from Guaymas. It was pretty- the views of Guaymas behind across the waters. The drive into San Carlos was gorgeous and amazing. The mountains hang over- even sit in- the water. We looked for the best spot to watch the sunset. It was definitely an unforgettable sunset to see. It made me think how worth it it was to have rode from Hermosillo to make this view so much more special. After sunset- Memo took me out to dinner at the El Capitan. It’s his favorite restaurant in San Carlos- and he is friends with the family who owns it.

The following day, I connected to Tara- who my Nogales host dropped off at the bus station. I planned to meet with her so i got a head start on my bicycle. After the first half of the ride through Guaymas- the road to San Carlos was an comfortable stretch. There were 4 roads- 2 towards San Carlos leaving me much room on recently paved frontage road. Only if all the highways were as nice as this one- I wish!

To San Carlos!

View from the road

I rode about 20 kilometers to San Carlos- about an hour bike ride. While I waited for Tara at the hotel, I explored the beaches collecting shells and beautiful, colorful rocks that I wish I could have sent to my friends. They were so pretty.

Shells and rocks by the seashore

Tara arrived. We went to the market where people were meeting up for a procession to celebrate the Virgin Mary. There was a truck that carries a stage where a child was dressed as Mary, sitting before a large image of the Lady, accompanied by other children. We walked with the crowd that were singing and reading verses. It was a nice ritual to partake in- but Tara and I were both exhausted- so we turned around after a few blocks.

I had my tent and sleeping bag with me in case I decided to camp on the beach. I was nervous to do this because I would be sleeping in a public stop- not sure if the beach attracted strange people at night. I was back at the beach front hotel where I met Tara. The area seemed safe and secluded- and according to the Americans who flock to SC for the winter, they felt SC was safe.

Turned out it was perfectly secluded! I picked a large stone step/ledge filled with sand that enclosed the courtyard of a fancy beach front hotel. I scouted the area- but in the sandbox it seemed like no one would see me. No tent was needed- I was comfortable in my sleeping bag and my face exposed to the cool ocean air for the entire night. I woke up a few times looking at the full moon above passing over me. I woke up before dawn to a patch sky and very light rainfall. I covered myself with my tent rain guard. It was practically the best sleep I had during this entire trip! I left the next morning feeling refresh and at peace after a night of falling asleep to the sounds of gentle crashing waves.


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