Communication breakdown

These last couple of weeks have been the most stressful days as far as communication goes. I can only understand this by looking at the cosmic calendar. Damn that Mercury Retrograde.

Currently there are about 6 American folks cycling through Mexico. My efforts linking up with them have been futile.

-Fery closed to Guaymas for another 5 days unon discovery. No meeting up with Helena.
-Helena`s friends arrived to Guaymas last Monday(when I was there). Sent emails and text for possibly linking up. Messages were never delivered/late. Missed them by a few days.
-Birch (from Alaska) was a city/day behind me. Tried to meet one night but the internet gives out. Missed him- rode ahead of me.

I woke up early Friday morning, restless. I decided to sleep in and leave the next morning instead. My day seemed to start off better after a longer nap. Overnight, one bit of information was delivered- a place to stay in Los Mochis. Alex came through with a friend to stay with, Choki.

I spend 3 days at Robin`s home. During the time there, I was welcomed by the family to feel at home. I was fed and given his sister`s room to sleep in.

I met Robin`s friends during a couple occasions. An adorable Doris; Juan, who I shared many inside jokes with, new friends who were courious about my travels and befriended me.

New wonderful friends!

Robin had to leave before my departure. His mother and I spoke very little of eachothers language. What I did understand was that I was welcomed to stay for however long I needed to. I really loved the time I was living with Robin and his family. I am going to miss him, his family and the friends.

I am reminded, during holidays,that I have a lot to be greatful for.

My family, who I am reminded of everyday. I miss them.
My friends, who continue to give me support that keeps me riding. I miss them all and hope to see each of them again someday.
All the kind people who have helped me on the road.
Thankful for the abundance of new friends, new lands to explore. So much beauty in this world.
Living this minimal and sometimes, lonely life. For the simple thigs I can appreciate so much, my heart is filled.

And lastly, I am grateful for the daily comic relief in the neighborhood where i stayed. About two-three times a day there is a guy who parades around peddeling tortillas. Always the same Blind Melon song plays, every time.

Happy holidays, everyone.


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