From beaches to mountains pictures

Here are the pictures

Parts of the highway were new and closed to traffic.. yet, open for me!

Entering into Navajoa

A street fire performer

Birch, me, and our host, Chocki

To the batcave!

Deeper into the batcave

Arriving at a beachtown N of Topolobampo

Birch asking a local about the nearest market

My delicious seafood tostada!

A oster truck pulled up, and the guy to my right was buying his friends oysters. They invited me to have some!

Our campsite near the dunes in Sinaloa

Back in Los Mochis, our view from our campsite- on the roof of a family's house

5am waiting for the ChePe train to arrive

Checking out the view of the lake, outside of Creel

The trail and stairs to the waterfall

Artesian made items by the Tarahumara women

Me in front of the 300m Waterfall

Little Tarahumara girls

Another view of the waterfall.

A church in a small village

Inside the old church from the 1800's

We were invited by a family to stay with them- here, the father rides my bike with Birch

Nachita- the goat, who followed us through the mountains to the bonfire, like a family dog

Under a huge boulder at the family's ranch, roasting marshmallows

Father playing his accordian for us

Chris (Crigi) and Birch at the hotel


2 thoughts on “From beaches to mountains pictures

  1. Love the pictures, sister. I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks- adapting to the shift of moving to hawaii, and haven’t been on your blog in a while. I am so happy to see that you manifested a partner! that you’re safe and thriving! it truly is a journey of beauty. and I hope I get to see you for the Rainbow Gathering of December 2012. Maybe?

    • Thank you Daina. I appreciate you following up on this adventure of mine. It would be nice to be informed about your life. Send me a message when you can and tell me how Hawaii is. Yes, I have had 3 guy partners for the ride. I somethime think how amused you woud be that your prayers brought me such good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

      I LOVE YOU!

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