Between the silver cities, distant souls unite

The Hangover
Chris and I stayed 4 days in Zacatecas, instead of 3. The hostel owner, Ernesto, hosted a margarita night on the 3rd night. It was an evening of celebration and live music at the hostel, followed by a night on the town for club dancing. Chris and I went out for the day to see the “Museum Rafael Coronel” de San Francisco Convento. Our new friends from Chico State, CA, Nadia and Willy, and Karina took us out for dinner of hot wings. Muchos gracias to our buddies for showing us an awesome (chido) time in Zacatecas.

Margaritas and sombreros. The pre party silly-ness

We also said goodbye to our Alaskan amigo, Birch. He parted to go back north for Alaska, with stops along the west coast and the Baja. Bye Birch! It was a grand adventure riding with you!

Paparazzi Attack in Aguascalientes

It took one day to ride to Aguascalientes. Just as we arrived in the city, a couple pulled over their car to speak with us, and take our picture. They thought we were a cyclist couple that they saw on the Texas/Mexico border. They cycle are urban cyclist and they highly admired our grand tour. They offered a place to stay if we could not locate our host. They led us to the plaza center with their car. At the center of the plaza, Chris and I stood waiting at the center plaza, which is also the “Center of Mexico”. There,we were approached with more people, including a national championship youth soccer team, asking who we were and taking our photos.

Chris and I at the "Center of Mexico" where the Mexican flag stands

Our host in Aguascalientes was Jorge, from Chris and I went out to have dinner with Jorge and his girlfriend, Maria, after we met in the center. Small world moment – a  touring cyclist saw our bikes parked outside the restaurant  His name is Paul (Pablo) from France, who had been touring from California. Pablo joined us for a day of exploring Aguascalientes and homemade dinner (pear and chicken curry) the following day.

Hola! Just as we though we were no longer a trio.. Chris and I got a new partner, the wonderfully funny and fun French,Pablo!

Another couple stopped on the road to take our picture as we were riding back to Jorges place. They took our picture, gave us grapefruit pop, and led us by car to help us find Jorges home.

At the far left and right is the nice couple who led us to Jorge (second left), and Chris

We visited the Museo de los Muertos.

A painting at the Museo de los Muertos- more pictures on the following post.

After 2 days in Aguascalientes, Pablo joined Chris and I to ride to Guanojuato. We stopped to check out Leon and spare 15 minutes of fame. A couple of journalist who write for the local newspaper interviewed us.

Interview and pictures taken of the cyclist passing through Leon.

Leon gets the bike friendly approval.

We met Felipe, an avid cyclist. He rode by bike from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Mexico, two years ago.

We camped 10 kms outside of Guanajuato, again, on private property. The owners, rode by on their horses steering their cattle. It was “no problema” to camp on their ranch. It was a warm night to sleep under the stars.

o no! we are caught renegade camping..

Early morning, we arrived in Guanajuato. Guanajuato is a romantic and colorful colonial city nestled in the mountains. Our stay was at a house at the top of the hills. There are incredible views yet exhausting climbs up many stair flights.

Whew! The stair climbing with bikes was a workout...

the view from the house was a nice reward

Andreas was our host. A mellow photographer who works a this cute little dive bar.

I received a packaged for a new stove that I really needed, from my good long time friends, Lorenzo and Vicente Almanza. The sent it from their vacation spot in Puerto Vallerta so that I would avoid customs taxing brand new orders crossing the borders. A huge thanks goes out to them! I have to thank Pablo, as well. He fixed my slow computer. He got rid of the virus prone Windows and installed Ubuntu. I love my helpful friends!

It’s ridiculous, how romantic and attractive Guanajuato is.  It’s a maze of colorful homes and cobblestone streets that wind into the hills. There are mysterious network of underground road tunnels, posh shops, and grand manicured trees. The Spanish/Euro flavored plaza centers are either lively with mariachi music entertaning tourist diners and walkers, or quiet centers for kissing couples. Walking trips are exhausting, as the city is a labyrinth of stairways built on slant. It’s almost too cheezy, the romantic settings, but I could not help but fall into a little love with “the frog”, here in Guanajuato.

Guanajuato's name means "the place of frogs"

"Perfectly manicured trees" and big!


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