Look Ma! I am famous in Leon (..as Mara)

So the story came out on the A.M.com.mex journal about the three cyclist touring Mexico- Paul, Chris, and I- Mara… um..

the online image

Yes, there were a few errors spotted after reading the story (and the Google translate does strange things to translations). Nonetheless, it was great to have our story shared with the people of Mexico. ( I also love the last paragraph – it is a sweet ending). Hopefully this will inspire others to cycle, in their city, country, or elsewhere in the world. I hope that this also gives the people of Mexico some positive insight- that there are foreigners who are not discouraged to travel Mexico. Tourism is one of their highest economic industries… and I have noticed that many of the Mexicans almost seem ashamed by this whole international rumors of “narco” business. It’s another thing that adds to the wrongful discrimination of Mexico. Not everyone is affiliated with the underground drug war. Mexico is also not a hostile warzone with bullets flying overhead.

Here is the link to the story, and below I included the translation in English, but I had to edit some of the wording. Some of the story is off too, but I won’t bother with that- at least you get the idea.

Read here (if you can read in Espanol)

EDIT (2/6/12): A guy who we met in Aguascalientes and later found over CS.org translated the article. It now reads correctly. Thank you Sebastian De Los Cobos!

Three foreign bikers called the attention of car drivers and passers-by altogether in the López Mateos Ave. yesterday: Christian Bille, from Switzerland; Mara Walker, from Sacramento, CA; and Pablo Brossier, from France; who were biking their way on to the state’s capital. All drivers waited until the travellers that had more than a thousand miles across Mexico on their bikes had passed.

“We’re enjoying Mexico, and the people that we’ve found along the way. They hold their hearts in their hands, you ask for a place to set your tent and you’ll end up in a bedroom with its own bathroom and warm food on your plate”, says the frenchman Pablo Brossier.

This being their first time in this country, Brossier said that he hasn’t had any kind of security problems; at the contrary, he has immersed himself in the humanitarism of the mexican people.

“It’s incredible, we’re living with less than a hundred pesos (more or less $70 USD), we’re trying to keep a healthy diet in order to be able to keep on biking, we’re going through beautiful places like Chihuahua, the Sierra de Durango is also breath-taking, and Baja California is incredible”, said the frenchman.

Christian Bille has cycled for three consecutive years, on varying routes and travelling by plane across the oceans to keep his body on top of his bike; with which he has reached from Egypt to Europe, after the Patagonia on the South Cone from America, up to Cancún, and now he has set his mind and soul on biking all the way from Alaska to Chile.

“The miles we have biked through are not few, it’s a really healthy and beautiful way to travel, apart from being very cheap” commented the Swiss.

The bike he’s using has travelled more than 40 thousand miles, and after going through the land of Guanajuato, they’re heading for DF to set camp and update their blogs, which are where they’re keeping the log of their journey.

He ran into Mara in Chihuahua, who had travelled all the way from Sacramento, California, to Los Mochis. His original intention was to travel back to his country with a travelling partner, but now he’s playing his part in a group of travellers that want to reach Chile.

Mara, at age 24, is living her first experience on a long-distance biking trip.

Mexican food is what has charmed this cycling adventurer threesome more than anything else, who feel privileged for being able to make their dreams come true and getting to know a country that -in their words- will be in their heart forever.




9 thoughts on “Look Ma! I am famous in Leon (..as Mara)

    • Thank you! I wanted to tell you for a while now- since you left that quote about the “society is only as free as there dogs”- is so true to me now! Almost all the dogs in MX who are not tied to a tree or behind are so relaxed- they are not so vicious. They freely move about the pueblos minding their own.

      I hope to see you later in Costa Rica- I’m hoping to spend some time with a surfboard catching waves!

  1. “Not everyone is affiliated with the underground drug war. Mexico is also not a hostile warzone with bullets flying overhead”

    We are so pleased you have discovered this for yourself rather than listening to hearsay from the media and other “experts” most of whom have never traveled in Mexico.

    • Thank you Trevor! I am pleased as well to have this experience, discovering Mexico for myself. I have to thank you and Janet- you both were the few people who gave me the confidence to go whether I had company or not. It has been the best journey of my life- thank you!!!

      I also recommend you to take the motorcycle and tour the Barrancas del Cobre, 25 highway- it is breathtaking! Have a great new year!

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