Mexico! Que Tranza?!

It took us two days from Taxco to get to Mexico City. The weather had not been in our favor for outdoor activity.

We arrived in Xochicalco after we left Taxco to visit the archaeological site. A fortress built between the fall of Teotihuacan and the beginning of Tollan. It served as a ceremonial center representing various cultures- Toltec, Olmex, Zapotec, Mixtec, and Aztec.

Xochicalco-“Place of the House of Flowers”

The ball court

The Piramide de Quezalcoatl- Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent

These represent the Feathered Snake, which coils around the sides of the pyramid with their heads at the corners. A cross-legged priest sits between the snake coils wearing an elaborated head dress.

The next night we had a comfortable stay in Cuernavaca, with Alex, our couchsurfing host. The following morning we began our climb up the mountain towards Mexico. The downhill ride to the city was miserably cold and wet. It was not the ideal way to enter the worlds biggest metropolis- on a rainy day on a highway by bicycle. We were kilometers away from the toll road entry to the city when my trailer tire went flat- a horrible addition to the circumstances. It was difficult for me to complete the tube change in the rain, so I hitchhiked. The man who pulled over with his truck, grabbed the bike and yanked it onto the truck bed  with the wheel-less trailer  dragging behind. We caught up to Chris after we entered through the toll road. My bag was open during the reckless loading of the bike. My personal items scattered in the bed of the truck mixed with spilled oatmeal. The sad surprise was that the derailer was bent, so I was unable to ride the bike into Mexico City. Fortunately, we were dropped off in the city by van.

Our host in Mexico city was Everardo Barojas. He and his family made us feel completely at home- with excellent cooking and accommodation. Everardo fixed my bike with a derailer alignment  tool and gave me replacement gear that I needed.

Our friend, Rob, the Welsh, was also staying at the Barojas. It was, for a few days, an international house of cyclist- Swiss, Mexican, Welsh, and “Gringa” American.

Rob, Chris, and I. Thanks to Everardo for taking the picture.

We spent one day out in the city of Mexico. Unfortunately, the first couple days of rain and illness kept us indoors. Instead we enjoyed wonderful dinner parties with the Barojas. One full day was enough to do a walk tour from the Zocalo to Alameda Plaza. We had an excellent night out in Coyoacan for drinks and jazz, and a house party where I danced salsa.


Mural by Diego Rivera- The Man Who Controls the Universe

The Diego Rivera mural- Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park

...a closer look

The Zolcolo- view of the Cathedral and Plaza de Constitution

We spend one day visiting the ruins of Teotihuacan. “Birthplace of the gods”. We walked down a long ancient avenue amongst the tombs, and climbed the pyramids for spectacular views if the city. There were also very well preserved murals to see.


A huge thanks to Everardo and his family! I will miss them dearly- they are wonderful and kind people and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality.


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