Vamos a la Playa Oh-ooah-O!

According to the last entry, I was in Mexico City. Now I am in a small beach town called Mazunte.

So what has happened all this time in-between?

We said goodbye to our Mexico city host  and new friend Everaldo, and his family in Mexico City.

Our first night back on the road, we stayed in a small town name Amecameca.

In Amecameca, the view of the church in front of one of the two peaks (The Sleeping Lady) that we eventually passed.

We rode over a pass between two volcanoes- the Paso de Cortez. The saddle at 3400 m, that links the second and third highest peaks in Mexico.

The peak that sits in the north, is Iztaccihuatl- which means white woman in Nahuatl. She is known as “The Sleeping Lady”. To the south Popocatepetl, an active volcano. He is known as the warrior who protects the sleeping lady.

The warrior, Popocatepetl.

The Paso de Cortez- where Cortez and his men crossed to battle the Aztecs and Moctezuma in Tenochtitlan.

From the road we could see Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico.

We stopped to check out Puebla. The plaza centro has very lovely baroque and  renaissance architecture.


a double rainbow over our camp

It took us one week to ride between Mexico City and Oaxaca. We experienced the harsh road punishments such as rain, intense city traffic, HOT days riding into Oaxaca state, dogs peeing on our tents, and wicked insect bites.

Tiny flies from hell- they went to town on my legs! 😦

The ride into Oaxaca, I thought, was very scenic and gorgeous of all of Mexico. It was mountain desert  and later rich green jungle.

Entering Oaxaca state

view of the river in Oaxaca

We stayed in Oaxaca for 4 days. Visited Monte Alban,  made international friends at the hostel, indulged in chocolate, and ate crickets!

Monte Alban

Alejandro Santiago instillation in Oaxaca that portrays the declining rural communities of Mexico who search for work in Mexico City and the United States.

Oaxaca market crafts

Banksy was here- in a Oaxaca art gallery

Oaxaca street art

After two days in Oaxaca, Chris and Rob left to ride to Cancun for their flight to Cuba. I stayed in Oaxaca to plan out my journey for the following weeks – the logistics for entry into Guatemala. The plan is to meet with Paul- (the cyclist from France who I rode with back in Guanajuato) by the end of March, somewhere in the Yucatan.

A close friend from San Francisco- Ofer- saw my status online announcing I was in Oaxaca. He invited me to meet him in Mazunte and stay for a week.
I left from Oaxaca and rode for two days alone through the jungle.
However ,the first day in months riding alone again- I didn’t have to! A group of Mexican cyclist were riding towards Puerto Escondito for a fund raising event. I rode along with the group of 30 cyclist for the day. For one day I enjoyed a supported ride- lading me up with water and food.

the boys wanted to take my bike for a ride to feel the 25 kg weight of the trailer.

Rolling hills through Oacaca

Some of the boys that I rode along with that day.

I had safe places to stay for both nights that I camped alone. The first night a very sweet family refused that I would sleep alone outside. They fed me a delicious dinner, and invited me to stay the night at their home.

Night one- the family I sayed with gave me food and a bed to sleep.

Night two- I slelt in front of a family's home under this shack.

Good morning view from the mountains before I decended towards Puerto Escondido.

The morning I rode to Mazunte was a hot and I did not expect to climb uphill so much (Supposedly I as going down a mountain to the beach). Unfortunately my right shifter broke18 kilometers before Puerto Escondido. I couldn’t pedal without shifting to a more comfortable gear so I had to walk my bike for a couple miles at a time. Upon arrival in Puerto Escondido I was exhausted, yet satisfied to have realized that I completed a distance from the north (Nogales, Sonora) and had arrived to coast of Mexico in the south, Puerto Escondito. I took a bus to San Antonio and rode and walked the last 5 kilometers for the day to Mazunte.

Etymology - “Please deposit eggs here” Mazunte is famous for sea turtle conservation.

It is a tranquil, underground backpackers destination. The architecture is based on the use of natural materials. The week I so happen to visit is the circus week- many hip circus freaks are gathered in Mazunte for nightly performances and day-time work shops.

My ride parked in front of the hostel.


Sunset in Mazunte

I have stayed at this wonderful beach-front hostel named La Isla.  Since arrival, I have spent every morning on the beach swimming in the ocean and “cooking like a shawarma”- evening out my bike tan. I had confronted new fears by swimming in the ocean moved by very powerful waves. We watched beautiful sunsets while rocking out to psytrance music, recalling the days we celebrated at festivals together. I liberated a baby turtle into the ocean.

Playing Matcot on the beach- Israeli style

Someone is going to "get free"

the founder of the Body Shop has a operation for production and sales of natural cosmetics using local resources called Cosmeticos Naturales -

It has been a wonderful reunion with my Israeli amigo, Ofer. It was him who was nearly responsible for me to skip riding Mexico. I would have, instead, boarded a bus from Los Mochis straight to Guatemala, back in December. But I felt at that time that I had to continue on my journey and go to Creel, Chihuaua. My intentions were to enjoy the small vacation in Creel  and I would later find a cwhile locating cycling partners for Mexico.  And so it had happened! I had over 30 cycling partners! Birch, Chris, Paul, Rob, and the crew of Mexican cyclist. I have had a memorable adventure cycling with some amazing and kind guys- sharing laughs, stories and spoons. I don’t think I couldn’t have mapped a better route for a Mexico journey that I have totally enjoyed. I will miss my friend Chris, who I have adopted as a big brother during this ride. I rode with him the longest- almost  3 whole months. I learned a lot from Chris and I thank him for his patience and support. I really couldn’t have mapped my route any better. I wish him and Rob a wonderful and safe ride through Cuba.

Chris- aka- "Crigi" on tour through Oaxaca

Parting with Chris was the perfect timing for me to take the road south to spend a relaxing week on the beach with my good friend. I look forward to riding with Paul further south. We’ll see what happens during this next couple weeks.

Big Love



6 thoughts on “Vamos a la Playa Oh-ooah-O!

  1. HI!
    This is Bruce from Tucson, Arizona!
    Glad to hear you are ok and doing well!
    It sounds like you are having a great & wonderful time !

    Peace & love,

    • Hi Bruce!
      Good to hear from you! Yes,the journey is going great and I am having a wonderful time! I would like to call you and talk with you, to see how you are doing. Thanks for checking out the blog.
      Big hug

  2. Big BIG love. Laughed, smiled, felt my being be blessed in so many ways by reading. You’re doing so so great. I’m so enspired by your endurance, and also that you keep writing. Thank you for blogging. Glad you’re dancing this week 🙂 I’m smiling so big just thinking about it.

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