This message came to me in the form of a digital homing pigeon. Divine wisdom from the mind of Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher and spiritual thinker. It captures the very thoughts and subjects brought up in this tour. As I am moving on (literally, every moment) through cities and camp grounds, friends, ideas, and the past…

Living a minimal life. Yet, I gain more and more.

Dis-attaching and connecting.

The search for something I can really hold onto.


Jiddu Krishnamurti discourse on Truth

“Is there such a thing as truth apart from personal belief, apart from personal opinion?

Is there such a thing as truth which is absolute, which is complete, which is never changing in the climate of personal opinions?

How does one’s mind, the intellect, thought, find out? One is inquiring into something that demands a great deal of investigation, an action in daily life, a putting aside of that which is false.

If one has an illusion, a fantasy of truth or love, then that is the very barrier that prevents one moving further. The actual is that which is happening, whether it is what may be called good, bad or indifferent; it is that which is actually taking place. When one is incapable of facing that which is actually taking place, one creates illusions to escape from it. If one is unwilling or afraid to face what is actually going on, that very avoidance creates illusion, a fantasy, a romantic movement, away from that which is. That word `illusion’ implies the moving away from that which is.

Can one avoid this movement, this escape, from actuality? What is the actual? The actual is that which is happening, including the responses, the ideas, the beliefs and opinions. To face them is not to create illusion. In understanding that which is, it is not one’s personal opinion that judges but the actual observation. One cannot observe what is actually going on if one’s belief or conditioning qualifies the observation.
In other words a mind that is no longer creating illusion, that has no hypotheses, that has no hallucinations, brings order into itself… it has order.

If one starts inwards one sees that the `me’ is also matter as is thought. If one can go inwards, moving from fact to fact, then one begins to discover that which is beyond matter. Then there is such a thing as absolute truth, if one goes through with it.”

The wall of our room. In San Cristobal.


2 thoughts on “moving

  1. Truth is love- beyond thought, concept or word.
    Infinity is the present moment.
    The infinite is not quite manifest in physical form- but the means of removing the illusion is to recognize the infinite in the moment.

    I appreciate you, I appreciate your words, I appreciate your love, and your search- in the eternal.

    The impression my matter being perceived- in what you spoke of creating illusions to avoid the truth- is that some people avoid the lessons they are karmically set up to learn. They avoid facing their inhibitions and blocks in consciousness, and thus, they perpetuate them. Riding through them will bring to a clearer day, and covered in so much clutter and lack of simplicity- so much of the race of humanity does not even know, cannot imagine the level of mind we are able to attune to. And even that! Even the greatest heights of the disciplined mind… there is so much beyond.

    Peace is in the present moment.

    I have always learned and rejoiced in your virtue of simplicity.

    Keep riding in the peace of empty.
    knowing that empty is not lonely- for all beings are home there with thee.


    Namaste, Earthen Lovelight

  2. “The ultimate spiritual practice is facing everything and avoiding nothing. When you truly face everything and avoid nothing, you will no longer be afraid to stand tall- before your own conscience, before others, before God. This is because you are no longer hiding anything from yourself. Through this nobel practicce, you will cultivate integrity and discover the kind of soul-strength that only comes from fearlessly facing the truth. The instinctive defense mechanism that the ego hides behind will crumble, and your self and soul will become a transparent vehicle through which the evolutionary impluse can work in this world.” Andrew Cohen

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