Into the jungle- Belize!

Crossed the border of Guatemala into Belize: May 12

We rode 60 kilometers after midnight to the archaeological zone, Tikal. It was a spooky, yet beautiful night ride under the full moon. Our plan was to see the sun rise over the ruins of Tikal. We reached the park entry gates and made a deal with the guards that we would sleep at the entry, then continue riding to the ruins. We overslept our one hour nap and miss our sunrise. Half asleep, we rode to the ruins, anyway. Less than 10 kilometers to the site, I noticed I had a flat. While Paul was replacing the tube for my trailer, a very curious group swung by to check us out.

howler monkeys invade!

Tikal was definitely the most impressive archaeological zone I have seen thus far. The grand structures are set in a tropical rainforest, home to exotic fauna, like the white-nose coati and spider monkeys.

Views of Temple 1 “The Great Jaguar” and The North Acropolis

Spider monkeys in the trees

A tribe of white-nose coatis scavenge for food in the Tikal park

After our trip to Tikal, we stayed 3 days next to Lake Peten Itza. From our hammocks, we had a picture perfect view of a aqua blue lake, a dock that stretched out to a thatched roof shelter, and a wide green jungle surrounds the lake. It was peaceful to watch white horses graze in the wetlands of the lake, birds, and butterflies chasing their mates.  A small corner of paradise we enjoyed, until the owner asked us to leave.

We continued to ride toward the east for Belize. We spent our last night in Northern Guatemala next to a river where a small community of families live. Two young girls, about the age of ten, befriended us. They offered to catch small fresh fish from the river. The catch of 6 small fish was an excellent fried addition to our spicy-tomato-rice dinner.

We arrived to Belize border the following day. We stopped in the city of San Ignacio for a Belize’n authentic lunch at Flayva’s restaurant. We instantly sensed the Caribbean vibe after crossing the border. It is no longer a challenge to make a food order – everyone speaks English!

The restaurant crew welcomed us to camp in the garden. An excellent location in the center of town, with delicious food, and good family. (Thank you- Flayva’s!)

On to journey through Belize! Hopefully we will make the ride in 30 days (the time our visas allow us to stay). To the Caribbean Coast!


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