Lately, these feelings of hopelessness are really getting to me.

Close to giving up, whatever this is.

11 thoughts on “Truth?

  1. ??? Where are you and what is this post about? You seemed to be having such a great adventure and had conquered so many fears

    1. Hey Trevor, thank you for asking, and sorry it took a long time to respond..< since this post much has changed.. again! Good news is, things are looking up. when I wrote this entry, I was really sad and confused after relationship mealtdown and financial woes.. Fortunatelly, in the last few weeks I had friends and family to call on and helped me get motivated to conquer more. It's great to read from you. Thank you.

  2. If this is about a man, you are stronger than that. You started this adventure on your own and you will finish it on your on will. Never give up.

  3. when you give up this great learning adventure what is next? You have places to see and people to meet, don’t stop.

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