The flavor is much different here…

What I assumed-
that I would have been in Colombia in May 2012.. back when I was in America estimating the time of my journey.

Well… expect the unexpected.

Colombia! Por fin!!!



tintos are small cups of coffee, for 500 pesos = 30 cents usd. you can find a guy on every corner selling these.

Tintos are small cups of coffee, for 500 pesos = 30 cents usd. you can find a guy on every corner selling these.



Colombian pride! In this case.. there was a fútbol game.



After one week in lovely Cartegena, we returned to the road as a first day cycling in South America!



Exiting the city, we passed the fort of Cartagena.

It was back to the usual..

El Campamento/ Camping


El Almuerzo / Lunch


While eating our snacks at a cafe that was yet to open.. i could see what they were preparing for lunch... i'll just stick to arepas.. no turtles for me, thanks.

While eating our snacks at a cafe that was yet to open.. i could see what they were preparing for lunch… i’ll just stick to arepas.. no turtles for me, thanks.

Buenas Vistas/ Nice Views


Arrived to the town of Yarumal.

Arrived to the town of Yarumal.


We spent so many days on the road. Paul declared a break, and got us a hotel in this cute little town center, Yarumal.


Paul in front of a church in Yarumal’s town center. The church stands high above the plaza,built on a hill. There are folks who hang out in the center to enjoy a sunny day with family, or have dinner at one of the fast food stands.

Amigos en la Carretara / Friends on the road

Wow! We met so many cyclist on the road in Colombia! World travelers were:


Amaury from Mexico, heading north.


Cameron from South Africa. He rode a round trip from Bogota to Cartagena, and back.. just a casual excursion after celebrating a friends wedding… how cool! And he does many other projects and tours.


Dammnit, i wish is was better with names.. here is a couple from Switzerland who rode from Argentina and were completing their South American journey in Cartagena.. only cycling Europe to go back home.


Miss Holly, a solo woman doing the big ride from Ushuaia back to her home in Anchorage, Alaska. Praises to her. Some locals we meet weeks down the road said they had met/seen her. Holly would….

And as usual.. looking strange/ Extraños



The military guys were amused over out get-ups. They even tried out the bikes.


There were some mechanical adjustments, too..


Be Aware

On the highway between small sleepy towns, Paul met a guy who was holding a cute, furry little creature.


Of course, we fell in love with this baby sloth. We traded off holding him, adoring him. When asked, the guy said it was his pet… LIAR! and a thief!  Turned out that this was an illegal peddler selling off a sloth for about $40 American bucks. Come to find out (thanks to Leslie for sharing the article) that these precious creatures are in grave danger in Colombia, as the babies are being kidnapped from their moms. according to this article, the babies suffer from lack of nutrition and stress without their moms in their first half year of life. Many of them end up dying (according to the article) I feel some guilt that I didn’t do much other than held it, maybe should have gone to the police (but we were out in middle of no-wheres-ville, without phones). I did contact Tinka Plese of the AIUNAU sloth foundation who was linked to in the article, and informed her of this encounter. She says there is no support coming from the government, and the penalties are weak- house arrest. Lets hope the future of baby sloths will be more respected and that illegal hunting will be punished by supporters. For the love of sloths!


It took us a long two weeks to cross the north from Cartagena to Medellin. Coming from the coast, we suffered from hot tropical weather, until we reached the foothills of the Andes. It was April 1st when we climbed up into the Andes. In days, we were in the clouds, the air was fresh and cooler (yay!). We paused for a day and overnight in a town name Yarumel.

Following was the route to Medellin. Have to say ,this part of the route was gorgeous, in the mountains between Yarumal and Medellin. The forest was a rich, cool jungle, colors of fall faded gold, greens, (even light blue leaf trees!) and exotic tropical flowers that grew wild or decorated an exotic front yard home.

Overlooking a lake.

Overlooking a lake, the Represa de Rio Grande.

It was a bright morning as we reached the summit overlooking Medellin. A group of mountain bike boys challenged us to race them down the road. It was a long and fun downhill ride to the center of the city. Now we got to look for our host…


Hola Medellin!

Hola Medellin!

 More to come! Our week in Medellin…



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