Altering the American dream in Detroit

In 2010 I cycled across the States with by buddy Marshall to Detroit, MI. There I lived on Golden Gate Ave, living and volunteering at the Innate Healing Center. When I was there, Marshall was just beggining his dream project of mobiizing Detroit with bicycles. Years later, I look back and watch the progress of the Red Planet Bike Co-op and Innate Healing Center, making history. Great work guys! Your friends across the world are proud!

CNN Photos

Pavel Prokopchik traveled to the United States in summer 2012 in search of the American dream. He wanted to debunk it.

Prokopchik was born in Russia, raised in Latvia and now lives in the Netherlands. He believes the United States presents itself as a wealthy, unflappable superpower, but he was sure he would find a different story among people – that Americans would have their own fantastic, contradictory, far simpler dreams.

His journey wound through the Deep South, into Appalachia and the Midwest. Near its end, he came to Detroit. The city was only on the brink of bankruptcy then, but its troubles were legendary: the plunging population, the shaken automotive industry, the lawlessness and deterioration.

He’d seen photographs of the city’s feral buildings and emptied factories, and people he spoke with believed it was a ghost town.

“They had an idea there are no people at all, that it’s…

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