Last day in the Americas!

I may have not told you about this.. but last minute decision: I am going to Europe with Paul.

Since Trujillo, it had been a long tour on bus to get Paul’s bags in Huaraz, Get my jacket I left in Huanuco, a return to get my bike in Ayacucho, dropped the bikes off in Lima and say “A bientôt” to Paul, and a return to Ecuador (because it was the most economical option to fly out).

I was greeted in Guayaquil by my host, via Couchsurfing, Marielena. Her friend Luis connected me to her, and I met their friend, Sophia.

For a couple days, I had a nice time with them.


Having lunch by the river with Marielena, Luis, and Sophia.



On the menu: ceviche, empanadas, and lemonade!



Sophia took me out to visit a museum, Guayaquil’s monuments, and this public park where iguanas hang out.



During the last night we had wine, my homemade truffles, and hooka. Tim Burton, the kitty, was hogging the pipe.





IMG_9444 copy

Chocolate truffles I made. Marielena really liked them.



On my last day in South America, the guys took me to a fancy plaza for a fancy shmansie lunch. I couldn’t indulge.. because I was attacked by the Montezuma Revenge the night before.

Fortunately I feel better now and I am at the airport! Thanks to my friends in Guayaquil for all the help!

They are calling me as I write this.. I am off! What an incredible journey through the Americas for the last 23 months! Stay tune as I will continue to update in Europe!




One thought on “Last day in the Americas!

  1. Europe blessed me with 20 months of magic as I hitch hiked with nothing but the clothes on my back and published stories of my adventures under the pseudonym Fysche.

    I look forward to reminiscing through your tales 🙂

    May the road rise with you!

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