Two Years

Day 731 on the weary travelers path,

Today marks my 2 year bike-a-versary, since I began my bike tour, beginning from the apartment of my friend, Inertia. A grand tour starting  from Arizona to the end of the world, Patagonia. It is my last day in France- a two month parenthesis of my road diaries. Soon, will be back again in Peru. With less money, less possessions, no place- I am getting use to it. With no direction home, the journey continues.

So, one year ago

I was in La Fortuna for a break. Then, I got offered a gig to work on the coast for the holidays.. which funded my surf holiday.

And since then I expanded my Vagrancy Job Resume:

Waitress-at Jewish-Sushi restaurant

Busker- master of playing with fire poi

Chocolate ball truffle-monger

Argentinian Empanadas sales assistant

Spanish: Proficient
French: Beginner
Turkish: A handful of phrases

It’s been two years.. and I still haven’t finished?!?

What do you want?! Yes, I am slower than the escargot than I ate in France…

“A year ago, I thought  (to the year ahead), I would be in South America, maybe even entering the last country Argentina. At one point I estimated I could make it to Columbia by May 2011.” -Me, Nov 2013

Yea… and two years later.. I’ll be back to Peru to get on my bike and catch up with this seasons riders… And it wasn’t ’til May 2013 I was in Colombia for my birthday.

So, where have I been, during the last year?
Costa Rica,
(on the bike tour route)

Air and Sea…
Spain (does  5 hours in an airport count?)
Guatemala (I returned for New Years)

It has been 12 countries in South America, and 3.1 in Europe, total.

So, it hasn’t all been “A bike tour” in year two:

Bus- I know the bus lines, very well, in Peru.

Commercial Airline-
Costa Rica>Guatemala>Costa Rica (For New Years 2012-13)
Ecuador>Colombia>Spain>France (September 2013)

A 24 transport on the Panama Canal,
Paradise in the San Blas,
then a nightmare sea boat from Carpugana to Turbo, Colombia,
A whale watching adventure and to Isla de la Plata, Ecuador,
and a week of lounging in the Mediterranean of the coast of Turkey and Greece.

When it comes to food.. you got to be adventurous:

Last year: A fried pig ear in Nicaragua and Grasshoppers in Mexico

This year: Snails in France and Guinea Pig in Peru

Other ways I have explored the world and my abilities:

Surfing! The Pacific waves in Mal Pais, Costa Rica & Montanitas, Ecuador

Kayaking! in San Blas, Panama & Turkey, Mediterranean Sea

Outdoor climbing!!!

Bouldering- Cali, Colombia ; Huaraz, Peru ; Kekova, Turkey & the famous Fountainbleu, France!

Climbing- Ecuador; Huaraz, Peru; Grenoble, France (& Indoor in Cali, Colombia)

Mountaineering! Cayambe, Ecuador & Pisco, Huaraz National Park, Peru

After two Years on the road:

I had much more to say last. I can only express great fullness to my family, for their everlasting support. I express gratitude for the extended family- those who I had met whom had inspired me and loved me. I write these figures to entertain, but the real milestones are within.. I am proud to have stuck it out this far. I am quite amazed at what I have done.

A few words of wearily traveler wisdom-Less equipment and few plans are best. Sleeping under the stars is guaranteed the best night sleep. You will not know love with another until you have tasted hate and they’ve seen you cry.

Thanks to all the kind and beautiful people of South America.

Thank you, Paul. For your love, patience, and sharing the road.

Thank you Mom, Dad, and brothers. I will see you all soon.

And thanks for riding along with me.

But.. when will it be over?

The Einstein answer:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”


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