what got me started?

On my way to catch the BART
Little did I know what life changes were in store for me!

 Take the unknown road…

I toured from California to Michigan in 2010 with Marshall. Our dreams and empathic responses motivated us to quit our jobs and move out of the grind for a new life. Detroit appealed to us as a place to begin change within a thriving grassroots movement. We were sure that we could live with less material comfort, only requiring resources necessary to our existence. I grew a garden to share with the neighbors and helped other home and community gardens grow. I wanted for myself, and others, to heal, by way of; nutritious and organic home gardens; supporting local communities; growing relationships and beauty. Ultimately, I want to plant seeds of inspiration- a thoughtful action can revolutionize themselves and the world. I didn’t save Detroit, but I learned and developed new interests and purpose. The year I lived there was well worth it for me.

The center
My first impression of Detroit- a healing center on Golden Gate street!

I carry the passion to inspire with me now, as I continue to explore. Finally, I will satisfy my longing to travel beyond the US.


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