My team

Thanks to everyone who made this adventure possible!

Ted, Erlinda, William, Nelson, Ryan– my dear family!

Britney and Sue Brimhall

Innate Chiropractic/ Healing Center
Dr. Robert Pizzimenti, Tasheema and friends

Michigan Alternative Medicine

Hyojin Jeong

Amelia Alibozek


Paul Brossier

Pri-De: Permaculture and Resilience Initiative – Detroit
Killian O’ Brian

Marshall Psymons
Red Planet Bicycle Collective, Detroit

Hannah Kelly and Aragorn Steiger

Daina Lee

Bri Badua

Aleece Weycker

Rebel Base Camp

Ralph Reeves
Budget Rental Car

Eric and Alvarado

Travis Farland and Jillian

Inertia Dewitt

Phil Tubman
Landis Cyclery, Phoenix, AZ

Trevor and Janet host

Matt Wallin
Round Trip Bike Shop, Casa Grande

Bruce Weiner

Jose Villegas
JJ Bicycles, LLC.

Daniel Diaz

Birch Block

El Rancho Aribabi- The Robles Familia

Cotton Tree Lodge

Charles Sky

Everardoo Barojas

Maila Bishoff

Libby Storey and The Junction

Will Adams

Stephanie House

Maya Mountain Research Farm

The Dennings

Bar La Clau

Costa Rica Descents

Guillermo Alarcon

Ofer Nagar

Nina Robbins

Mayab Language School

Herbert Baiza

Pencho y Aida

Maya Pedal

The Funky Do Do

La Isla Mazunte

Thank you family, for your support!!!

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